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What's up, Newgrounds.


2010-10-30 16:30:42 by HappyNinjaNap


So its been its been like... two years since I made a post. Pretty extreme. I've been doing well though.

Been chugging along through school and college since I last posted. Doing a lot of art stuff on the side to keep me sane. But things have been good. Finally got scouted a few weeks ago. Don't know what took them so long to finally notice me, but its nice. I've got to try and find someone to scout now too.

Anyways, I would LOVE to be able to do flash animations and all that jazz, but for now, I'm a noob and will stick to static art media. Check out my art gallery if anyone's interested. Won't be posting any real new stuff for a bit as my tablet cord is MIA. Hope I get it back online soon though. All this empty left from NOT doing art is killing me. And my pencils all suck. But I might post some old stuff I like to fill my time.

Oh well, hope everyone's doing ok. I know I am. Just... I'm really hungry right now. College food = meh.

In the mean time, enjoy this lazy sketch of Iron Man I did like a month ago.


Castle Crashers

2008-09-17 21:00:17 by HappyNinjaNap



2008-07-13 02:23:22 by HappyNinjaNap

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense


Woah... first post...

2008-02-24 13:48:30 by HappyNinjaNap

uh...Angry Face!